Equipment Service & Repairs

Equipment Service & Repair centre

Twobar Scuba - Sodwana Bay

We service all major brand dive scuba dive equipment & computers


As scuba divers we place a lot of faith in our scuba diving equipment.

 Regard your dive equipment is your underwater life support!

To perform safely scuba dive equipment must be properly maintained and serviced.Manufacturers suggest that your scuba dive equipment must be serviced once a year.

At Twobar Scuba we take our service responsibility very seriously.

Our staff are certified to service most major brands and models of scuba regulators & bouyancy compensators.

We service and repair most Scubapro, Mares, Aqua Lung, Apeks, Divetek, Seac Sub, Dacor, Tusa, Cressi, Sherwood, Oceanic, Beuchat and Poseidon products.

Servicing of your gear can normally be completed within 4 to 14 days.

Repairs and battery replacements are also done for most dive computers.

In addition to repairs and the annual service of regulators, bc's and dive computers we also offer a visual and hydro inspection service for dive cylinders.

In South Africa your cylinder must be visually checked once a year and a hydrostatic test must be done every 4 years. We have a 4 day turnaround for hydro's and visuals on dive cylinders.

You can drop-off or courier your dive equipment to us for repair and/or service.

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