Dive Instructor Training

Become a NAUI Dive Instructor.

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Scuba Instructor Training

Choosing a career in Diving is an important decision. Why would you choose a career with NAUI?

Ask 70% of other Scuba Retail Outlets the following 3 Questions.


Who was Jacques Cousteua?

Who Trains NASA Astronauts?

Who is the Agency affiliated to Disney World in Florida USA?

The answers will come later.

A NAUI Instructor is the highest rating that can be achieved. It opens a lot of career opportunities worldwide.

Naui Instructors are dive professionals that from day one start an incredible career, where you can travel around the world and earn a living through dive instruction. Even start your own business.

After completion of this Instructor course you will be able to teach Scuba diver to Divemaster courses and also First Aid & CPR, Nitox and the basic specialities.

NAUI is highly respected for the excellence of its instruction and the abilities of NAUI trained divers. Its reputation precedes it as it continues to grow worldwide!

NAUI Instructor Training Prerequisites

18 years and older
Passed a diving medical in the last 12 months
Be an active NAUI Divemaster or higher by a recognized training agency.
Divemasters from other training organizations are required to do a Prep course prior to the start of the Instructor course
Have logged at least 50 Dives in varied diving situations at the start of this course
You should own all your own equipment which should be up to date and in good working order.
Own the set of the latest NAUI training materials as required. (Contact us for more details)
Your Master scuba diver knowledge will be thoroughly reviewed and your Divemaster skills will be tested
Should you be a divemaster from another training agency a prep course would be done prior to the course , this will give you the knowledge of the NAUI system and Materials.


NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC)

The cost of the NAUI Instructor training program(ITP) includes training as a First aid and Nitrox Instructor.

It excludes manuals and other training material required. (Contact us for more details).

Any additional costs that may arise is for the account of the Instructor Candidate.

NAUI Instructor Crossover Course (ICC)

The NAUI Instructor Crossover Course is designed to train and qualify recreational scuba instructors from other recognized agencies as NAUI Instructors.


Contact Kobus for more information info@twobar.co.za