Scuba Diving Training


Twobar provides dive courses from beginner to instructor level.

Our courses are all recognised internationally.

Divers from all the different dive associations are welcome at our shop and on our trips.

We aim to give you professional and safe dive training.

Courses are presented on weekends or as evening courses.

Personal Scuba Diver courses can be arranged on request.

Courses for groups can be arranged at Sodwana Bay. These courses will be scheduled over a 4  day period and will include qualification dives.

Qualifying dives are normally done at the coast but qualifying dives can be done in Gauteng.


Twobar Scuba - Sodwana Bay

Twobar Scuba - Sodwana Bay

Our course pricing include the textbooks, certification fees and the use of our bc's , regulators and cylinders for the duration of the course. You will need your own wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel and weight belt. This softgear can be rented from us if arranged in advance.

Twobar Scuba - Sodwana Bay


Imagine floating on a clear sea watching fishes or getting close to dolphins.Fun for the whole family! Non-certification classes from 5 years old and certification from 8 years and older. As a skin diver you will discover fascinating aquatic creatures and experience the thrill of snorkelling. Once you have completed your training you will have the skills for comfortable and safe skin iving.


Experience the excitement and adventure of the underwater world. Scuba diving is the most unique adventure sport on earth. As an open water diver, you will discover fascinating aquatic creatures and experience the thrill of breathing underwater. The ocean's underwater habitat will capture your imagination for a lifetime. You will meet people and go places you only dreamt of visiting.

The Scuba diver course is the entry level dive course. The Scuba Diver course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you'll need to visit this underwater world.


You need to be qualified as an Advanced Scuba Diver to take part in some of the most spectacular and enjoyable dives such as night and deeper dives.

Your Scuba Diver or Open Water 1 course provided you with the basic skills to dive and to experience the excitement of the underwater world. The Advanced course will make you a more independent and confident diver. It will broaden your diving horizons. In many areas locally and internationally you need to be an advanced diver to enjoy some of the best dives. We do deep, night, navigation and altitude dives during this course at the sea or in fresh water.

The course consists of six dives to qualify.


The goal of this basic first aid/CPR program is to provide you with the basic knowledge and skills necessary in an emergency, to recognize the emergency, call for help, and to provide basic life support for a victim until professional medical help arrives. The course also includes information on the prevention of injuries and is accepted as Department of Manpower Level 1 in South Africa.


The Master Scuba Diver course is for divers who want to further their understanding and enjoyment of diving.

This is an intensive program ,usually consisting of about 20 hours of academics plus the application of this acquired knowledge in a schedule of at least eight dives. The information presented in the academic sessions will increase your knowledge of equipment, the environment, physics, physiology and decompression.

Upon completion of the course you will be qualified to handle new diving circumstances and engage in more diving activities.

This course is an excellent progression towards NAUI Leadership courses. Deep, navigation, light salvage and search and recovery dives are some of the dives for this course.


The Scuba Rescue Diver course trains divers in the knowledge and skills needed to manage risks and to effectively handle and limit in water problems and diving emergencies.

The course consists of approx. six hours academic, 10 hours practical training , one pool session and two dives. Prerequisites for this course is a Scuba Diver certification with a minimum age of 15 years and a First Aid and CPR certification (such as ASHI) acquired during the last three years.


This is a leadership level certification course designed to train and qualify persons to independently train and certify skin diving (snorkelling). This course trains NAUI leaders to effectively teach people to enjoy kin diving with minimal risk.


The NAUI Divemaster qualification is the highest NAUI leadership-level qualification with the exception of Instructor.

Divemasters are trained to be experienced and knowledgeable in organizing and conducting enjoyable and safe dives for certified divers.

This is an intensive program consisting of about 20 hours of academics plus the application of this acquired knowledge in a schedule of at least 10 hours in-water application with a minimum of 10 open water dives.

The reward of being a divemaster in terms of personal satisfaction and achievement is unparalleled.

Prerequisites for this course are certification as NAUI Master Scuba Diver and NAUI Scuba Rescue Diver. Divers with equivalent training and experience can enroll provided they pass the NAUI Master Scuba examination. Proof for a minimum of 25 logged open water dives is required.

During the open water dives the DM will be trained to plan and select dive sites , to do pre-dive briefings and to confidently control and conduct enjoyable and safe dives for other divers in various dive environments. The DM will also be trained in emergency procedures and prevention of diving accidents.

Most of the dives are done at the coast but some will be done here in Gauteng.


You can also futher your dive qualifications with the following dive specialities:

Wreck diving
Night diving
Deep diving
Shark diving
Underwater photography

Twobar Scuba - Sodwana BayTwobar Scuba - Sodwana BayTwobar Scuba - Sodwana Bay

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