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4 Day/ 4 Night Liveaboard Safari


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4 Day/ 4 Night in 4* Resort in Phatong Beach, Phuket




Thursday: Check-in at Johannesburg International Airport at 10h30 for your Malaysian Airlines flight departing for Kuala Lumpur at 13h40. Approximately 10 hour flight


Friday: Arrive in Kuala Lumpur at approximately 05h40. Remain in transit for your Malaysian Airlines flight to Phuket departing at approximately 09h45. Flying time is approximately 1½ hours.

On arrival in Phuket, you will be met and assisted by our representative and transferred to check-in at the 4* Royal Phadawee Resort & Spa in the Patong Beach, Phuket for 3 nights accommodation on a per person sharing bed and breakfast basis. The rest of the day is spent at leisure on own arrangements.

Saturday to Sunday: Whether its fun in the sun or nightlife action that you seek, Phuket delivers. With everything from pristine beaches with crystal-clear water to backpacking, warm water diving, elephant trekking, adventure tours, festivals and cultural events, Phuket is a virtual paradise for adventurous travellers who want to explore the jungles, meditate in the temples, tickle their taste buds with exotic food, have a bone-cracking Thai massage or stand in awe at the beauty of Thailands architectural diversity. Explore the local markets and enjoy the vibrant night life in this bustling area and try some delicious Thai cuisine at one of the many restaurants or open food stalls.

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Monday to Friday:Check out at 18h00 & transfer to the MV Mermaid II. At 19h00 the Mermaid will depart for the cruise to Similan Islands and a 4 night/4 day liveaboard experience of a lifetime! All your meals, soft drinks and water, and diving is included in the tour cost (4 dives per day, including a night dive; 2 dives only on the final day).

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Friday:Transfer back to the Royal Phawadee Resort at 16h00. Rest of the day at leisure on own arrangements.

Saturday: Day at leisure on own arrangements. Check out at 15h30 to transfer to Phuket airport for your Malaysian Airlines flight from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur at 19h20. Arrival in Kuala Lumpur 21h45. Remain in transit for transit for Malaysia Airlines flight to Johannesburg.

Sunday: Flight departs from Kuala Lumpur at 1H05

Arrival Johannesburg at 5h40

Twobar Scuba - Phuket


Boulder City is a fairly deep dive with the sandy bottom at depths of 25m to 40m. It is composed of large boulders, with huge sea fans and bright green tree coral adorning them. The dive site is quite spectacular with and the bump-head parrotfish.

Shark Fin Reef is a 900m long, flat granite boulder lying east to west in the open ocean. The large rock is surrounded by smaller boulders in the sandy deeper sections. White-tip reef sharks are sometimes seen around the smaller boulders, while adult boxfish, emperor angelfish and banner fish are commonly found on the rock face.

Hide-a-way is a patch reef of mainly acropora coral, interspersed with large areas of sand and two impressive coral heads on a sloping bottom. Around the smaller coral head you can see fields of spotted garden eels, while the larger coral head is covered with sea fans, soft corals and glassfish that are ideal prey for the camouflaged lionfish. This is usually at the deepest part of the dive at about 24m.

East of Eden is one of the most spectacular reef dives of the Similan Islands. On the reef, soft corals, colourful feather stars and large sea fans compete for space with the hard corals. Through the sand is a majestic coral boulder starting at 24m and rising to 10m.

Deep Six is a beautiful site with a huge cavern as its central point and is surrounded by boulders and hard coral. The rocks make a series of steps encrusted with hard corals, sea fans and barrel sponges down to a 30m sandy bottom.Triggerfish and turtles are frequently found in the shallows.

Elephant Head Rock is made up of a massive structure of boulders which break the surface. Their appearance gives the dive site its name. On the southern side, there is a coral garden and huge canyons, which lead to a sandy bottom at 26m. The large boulders are host to numerous sea fans and coral colonies, which protect an array of small creatures such as pipefish and nudibranchs.

Beacon Beach is a sloping reef with a sandy bottom at 28m. Gently drift along the reef, where large patches of hard coral shelter Forsters hawkfish and coral crabs, as well as the Reef octopus. Shallower areas are full of vibrant colours and are excellent for photography.

Richelieu Rock is a large limestone pinnacle located in the open ocean. The site has an immense amount of life, ranging from beautiful sea fans, soft corals and anemones, to seasonal visits from whale sharks. Moray eels and scorpionfish inhabit the shallower areas, while schools of big-eye trevallies and chevron barracuda patrol the blue. Life on the wall remains abundant and spectacular, making this site the best in the area.

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