Advanced Skipper’s Training

This course is specifically designed for those skipppers who are not yet confident about launching their own boat or at a new site or who need to brush up on their skills.

Indian Ocean Skippers


We have launched our new Skippers Training website...

You have completed your basic skippers course and are qualified to launch a boat, but you are not confident to launch your own boat, or launch it at a new launch site!


You have done the course and maybe don’t have your own boat or haven’t launched for a while and need to refresh your surf launching skills!

To help you overcome the above dilemmas, we have structured the following courses to assist you:

Advanced skipper orientation and launching

Skippers refresher courses

Indian Ocean Skippers Training


You have completed your skipper course but have not done surflaunches for a while or don’t have your own boat and need to refresh your skills or gain more experience!

This course consists of practical surflaunches done on your boat or our boat under the direct supervision of a ski boat instructor.

This course can be arranged at Sodwana.

Requirements: Certificate of competence with surflaunch endorsement (Skippers Ticket)

Duration: 1 day or as per your requirements.

For more information and costs please contact us

We have launched our new Skippers Training website...